These lights fit flat against the installation surface with no protruding parts. With the LED array positioned on an angle inside the housing, they are installed to throw the beam of light out at an angle of 35 degrees and are often used in outdoor architectural applications.

  • Positioned along walls or in posts to illuminate paths, pool surrounds, or in decks to aim at the features of choice.
  • Can be installed in stair-risers to eliminate the tripping hazard of surface mounted lights, such as the traditional 'eye-lid' light.
  • Available in 316 Marine-grade Stainless Steel or Solid Copper.
  • Available in Warm White (@3000k) 0r Cool White (@5300k)

Production of customised orders can be arranged for both lights and accessories – one of the many benefits of being Australian-made.

Simple and effective LED lighting solutions to enhance your garden, outdoor room and other living areas.

Australian made reliability, expertise and service.

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