Garden Pond Lights

  • Size DOES matter - we have the right sized light for the right job and application.
  • Available in sizes ranging from 1 LED up to 30 LEDs (we can even custom create larger sizes on request!)
  • Standard colours/tones include Warm White, Cool White and "Lush", a combination of Warm White and Green (for ferneries, waterways etc)
  • Applications are enormous - as up lights, down lights, in garden bedsin ponds, streams and water features.
  • Special accessories, such as pond plates, tree clamps and extension spikes are available to facilitate installation in any situation.
  • Available in standard wide beam (45 degrees),  or custom order narrow beam (12 degrees) for long reach lighting or super wide angle (120 degrees) for wider spread of light, depending on the requirement and application.

Simple and effective LED lighting solutions to enhance your garden, outdoor room and other living areas.

Australian made reliability, expertise and service.

Ian McKenzie
0409 707 227