"Plug n Play Functionality!"

Based on our simple 'plug-in' system, we provide every accessory required, for virtually every situation, to complete a lighting system project!

  • Power Supply – 12vDC transformers for most domestic jobs or 24v for larger projects, indoor or outdoor.
  • Remote Control – At the push of a button, illuminate 1 zone, 4 zones even 8 different areas depending on their use, with out the need for a separate transformer for each area.
  • Timer/Sensor Switch - Set and forget. Built to automatically switch the lighting system on at sunset, can be simply programmed to switch off automatically either 4 hours after dusk, or 6 hours or dusk until dawn.
  • Wiring – Unique, 100% waterproof ‘plug and screw’ options to cover every installation requirement.
  • Tree Clamps - a unique item to install lights high in trees and on growing branches, our tree clamps expand as plants grow without 'strangling' them.
  • Pond Stands - for installing "Bondi Barrel" Spike lights in water-features and ponds without disturbing liners and surfaces.
  • Earth Spikes - Extensions to raise lights above growing plants so they don't get 'swallowed up'
  • Glare Guards - sheilds the eye from the source of light where required.
  • AC to DC Converter - Enables the use of existing 12 volt transformers previouslu used for halogen garden lights.

Production of customised orders can be arranged for both lights and accdssories – one of the many benefits of being Australian-made.


Simple and effective LED lighting solutions to enhance your garden, outdoor room and other living areas.

Australian made reliability, expertise and service.

Ian McKenzie
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